The “Snowmageddon” Winter Storm Drinking Game

Hey all you whiney winter weather pussies out there,

There is an impending apocalyptic snow storm and these dumb-ass weather reporters have no idea how much or how hard you’re gonna get it. There will come a point when you decide the terrorist like threat of a killer blizzard is enough to make you stay home from work as if the earth stopped rotating for a day.  If you are going to stay home on your lazy ass all day anyway, do yourself a favor and head down to the LC to stock up on your favorite spirits and follow these drinking rules until its all over…


Watch the News and Drink Every Time:

1). A Reporter is standing in the storm.
2). You see the storm on the radar.
3). The news changes their prediction of the snowfall total.
4). There is a shot of someone stocking up on supplies.
5). It is reported that something is “sold out”
6). A meteorologist’s prediction has proven false.
7). Someone says the word “inches” or “feet”
8). Someone says “closed” or “cancelled”
9). Someone says “Warning”
10). Someone says “Wintery Mix”

AND When Your Browsing the Internet Drink Every Time:

1). Some douche tries to be artistic by posting a filtered photo of the snow.
2). Someone posts a picture of their pet or kid playing in the snow.
3). Someone complains about having to drive in the snow.
4). You see “Breaking News” or a “Alert”

Do you have a drinking condition you would like to add you our list? Post it in the comments and we will add it to our official rules listed above.


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