NFL Football Drinking Game

Synopsis: Have fun watching football no matter who’s fucking playing with these 14 fucking drinking conditions. Rules apply for regular season and the playoffs.

Sip Every Time:
1). There is a false start/offsides.
2). There is a shot of the cheerleaders.
3). There is a on field fight between players.
4). A player drops a pass.
5). There is a run of over 15 yards.
6). The refs fuck up a call which is not overturned.
7). There is a turnover.
8). A challenge flag is thrown.
9). A player dances or excessively celebrates.
10). A commentator claims they have “never seen this before”.

Shots Every Time:
1). Pick six
2). The ruling on the field is changed.
3). A completed Hail Mary.
4). A player on the team you are cheering for gets injured.

Wildcard: Drink every time a penalty is called.


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